Launching METF: A Hub For Clean Fuel Training Excellence


In response to the increasing adoption of zero or near-zero emission fuels in the maritime industry, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is taking proactive steps to address the competencies gap among maritime personnel. This initiative involves the establishment of the Maritime Energy Training Facility (METF), supported by industry partners, to provide comprehensive training for the global maritime workforce in handling and operating vessels using clean marine fuels.

Establishment of METF for Global Workforce Training

MPA, in collaboration with 22 industry partners, has signed a Letter of Intent to establish METF. This facility will offer training on safe handling, bunkering, and incident management related to alternative fuels like methanol and ammonia. With Singapore’s strategic location and existing infrastructure for crew changes, METF is poised to become a key training hub for international seafarers.

Comprehensive Training Facilities and Curriculum

METF will comprise a network of training facilities across Singapore, including simulators for engine rooms and bridges, emergency response training centers, and AR-enabled scenario-based training. Partnerships with various stakeholders will enable the development of new training courses and curriculum to upskill the maritime workforce in operating zero or near-zero emission-powered vessels.

Collaboration and Upskilling Initiatives

Beyond METF, MPA’s joint efforts with the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) aim to upskill the maritime workforce through the Joint Office for Talent and Skills. This collaborative initiative focuses on reviewing and converting short-term courses into accredited micro-credentials, addressing emerging skills such as maritime cybersecurity and sustainability. By expanding the micro-credential pathway, working adults can access flexible upskilling opportunities while remaining employed.

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Source: MPA