Transforming Container Shipping Through Digital Collaboration


Ocean Network Express (ONE) joined forces with Portchain to revolutionize collaboration with container terminals using the Portchain Connect platform. This partnership aimed to streamline berthing data exchange, leading to operational optimization and sustainability.

Seamless Berth Coordination

ONE and Portchain’s collaboration streamlines berthing data exchange, reducing the time for terminals and ONE to reach digital handshakes on berth changes. This optimization benefits both parties by enhancing operational efficiency.

Operational Benefits and Sustainability

Through Portchain Connect, ONE experienced tangible benefits like improved vessel speed management, resulting in reduced emissions and fuel consumption. This underscores their joint commitment to sustainability and operational excellence.

Just-In-Time Potential and Industry Impact

Leveraging Portchain’s solution enables Just-In-Time port calls, recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for its potential to significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This collaboration holds the promise of substantial environmental benefits for the industry.

This partnership between ONE and Portchain exemplifies a shared dedication to digitalization, sustainability, and operational efficiency, with significant potential to reshape the container shipping industry.

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