Legendary Principal Dies Saving Children


Indianapolis’s Amy Beverland Elementary school principal died in a road accident.


Susan Jordan principal of Indianapolis’s Amy Beverland Elementary was a legendary women who always kept children first. She was the one behind the school’s four-star and “A” rating from the Indiana Department of Education for the school.

Her children describes her as the ”definition of wonderful”.

This Tuesday afternoon, when a stationary school bus inexplicably accelerated, towards a group of students.  As the vehicle approached, the principal pushed several students out of the way. But she was fatally hit in doing so.

The bus was carrying 25 school students. but none of them were injured.  Two ten year old children near the principal were badly injured and are admitted in hospital. Still they are not in life threatening danger.

“Quite frankly, ladies and gentleman, we are talking about a legend,Lawrence Township Schools Superintendent Shawn Smith said during a mournful news conference following the accident. “This loss is going to ripple across our district of 15,000 students.”

Source: Washington Post


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