‘Superman’ Saves Distress Woman In Gloucestershire


A man in Superman attire saved a woman from being robbed.


Fundraiser Antonio Cortes, 32, wore the superhero outfit as a part of his job working for social enterprise Give A Smile UK which raises awareness of disabled children.  He took a small break in Gloucester city centre he heard screams and saw a man trying to mug a woman.

Mr Cortes, a trained Thai boxer, chased the thief and wrestled him to the ground until police arrived.

The lady who appears to be 60, was taken to the Co-operative bank nearbyby staff to be looked after.  Later Mr. Cortes saw her with her husband, who came over, shook his hand and said thank you.

Mr. Cortes said when they saw how he was dressed there “were a few laughs and giggles”.

Police officers attended minutes later and took the man away.

He added that: “It’s very rewarding – a good thing and I feel good for it definitely,”

Gloucestershire Police said a 54-year-old man was arrested in connection with the incident and was in custody.

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