Legionnaires’ Disease Kills 12 In New York



Legionella bacteria cause an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in New York affecting over 100 and killing at least 12.  It is traced on cooling towers in more than a dozen buildings.  Legionella spreads through air-conditioning and similar systems.  It had spread in the city’s poorest of the neighbourhoods, South Bronx.  The 10-day incubation had resulted in late reporting of cases.

It is the largest in the history of the city.  So, cleaning crews are working to kill the bacteria across the Bronx and contained the spread from 3 August, says the New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and health officials.

Initially the city and the state health officials lacked coordination, at times offering conflicting information.

The response to the outbreak is the latest in a series of incidents where Democrats who claimed to be friends were seen in poor light.

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