Withdrawal Of Asthma Inhaler From Market


The Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) has issued a news release about the non-availability of Asthma inhaler on ships. The inhaler was part of essential medicines chests.


A news release by DMA has warned the seafarers about the non-availability of Bricanyl Turbuhaler in the medicines chests.  This inhaler is of great importance to medicine chests A, B, C with MFAG and P. The unavailability of inhaler is due to the withdrawal of a batch of 15.2 Terbutaline Turbuhaler (Bricanyl Turbuhaler), LOT (batch no.) 3510548B00 by the pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca.  The company stated that the withdrawal of particular batch of inhalers was due to the fact these batches are empty and do not contain medicine.  The persons in charge of medical care onboard are requested to follow the guidelines.

Source and Image Credit: Danish Maritime Authority