Lingang’s Journey from Growth to Global Data Powerhouse


In a short span of four years, this remarkable region has witnessed transformative achievements, setting the stage for visionary initiatives that transcend boundaries and prioritize the aspirations of its people. The source.

  • Lingang Special Area drives international data collaboration, boosting cross-border trade and economic growth.
  • In just four years, Lingang records remarkable economic achievements with notable GDP and trade expansion.
  • Visionary plans include establishing an international data port and prioritizing a people-centric urban development approach.

Advancing Global Data Collaboration

Shanghai’s Lingang Special Area has emerged as a hub for international data cooperation, fostering partnerships with regions like Singapore and Hong Kong. Initiatives in electronic invoice interoperability and digital identity authentication have propelled cross-border trade facilitation.

Transformative Growth

Since its establishment in 2019, Lingang Special Area’s impact has been remarkable. With a 21.2% annual increase in GDP, significant rises in industrial output, fixed investments, and import-export volume, it stands as a vital driver of Shanghai’s economic development.

International Data Port

Lingang envisions an international data port that transcends boundaries, fostering trade, supply chain, and industry data cooperation. Initiatives include supporting data product trading on the Shanghai Data Exchange and cultivating a cluster of international digital businesses.

Urban Development

Guided by a “people-oriented” philosophy, Lingang aims to attract a young, vibrant population. The focus on creating an attractive living and working environment aligns with the core concept of building a city that resonates with the aspirations of young individuals.

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