Torghatten Nord and GreenH’s Maritime Transformation

Credits: Export Org UK

Embarking on a pioneering collaboration, Torghatten Nord and GreenH are poised to reshape Norway’s maritime landscape through the power of green hydrogen. This visionary partnership marks the beginning of a transformative journey, propelling ferry operations towards sustainability, reduced emissions, and innovative technological advancement. Highlights the source.

  • Torghatten Nord partners with GreenH to revolutionize ferry operations using green hydrogen.
  • Long-term commitment aims for substantial CO2 reduction and aligns with Norway’s climate goals.
  • GreenH’s hydrogen facility envisions sustainable impacts beyond ferries, fostering innovation and economic growth.

Sustainable Ferry Operations

Torghatten Nord and GreenH join forces to revolutionize ferry operations in Norway, ushering in a new era of eco-friendly transport powered by green hydrogen.

A Long-Term Commitment

The long-term agreement spanning 2025 to 2040 cements the commitment to green hydrogen, embracing new technology and partnerships to steer ferry operations towards environmental stewardship.

Environmental Impact and Climate Commitment

The staggering CO2 reduction of 26,500 tonnes annually signifies the tangible effects of sustainable ferry operations, aligning with Norway’s climate goals and creating a cleaner future.

GreenH’s Vision

GreenH’s upcoming hydrogen production facility holds transformative potential beyond ferry operations, envisioning green aviation, innovative farming, and district heating network advancements.

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