LNG Carrier Damaged After Grounding



In an incident that occurred on 17th April, An LNG carrier reportedly struck a reef and suffered damages to its hull.

What happened?

The LNG carrier Sevilla Knutsen got stuck in reef or atoll in North Pacific and tanker suffered significant damages to the hull, including breaches and water ingress.

The vessel continued to remain afloat, but some ballast tanks were reportedly flooded during the accident.

The crew succeeded to bring the situation under control by ballasting and restricted water flow to prevent a more serious accident from occurring.

The ship was enroute from Japan to Australia when the incident occurred.

Ship banned from the US:

The ship was refloated by its own means and proceeded to the American Naval Base in Guanon, but the US military banned ship from entering and offered evacuation of the crew.

The vessel was not in distress and rejected the proposal, changing course with a reduced speed to Cebu, Philippines.

Proceeding to the Philippines:

The LNG carrier proceeded through Philippines Sea with Restricted Manoeuvrability.

The local authorities were informed about the condition of the vessel and estimated that there is no immediate danger for the crew. The tanker is expected to dock in Cebu by April 24.

Investigation underway:

The local authorities initiated an investigation to determine the root cause of the accident.

According to the crew, the vessel got grounded in reef or atoll, which was not included in the charts. Further details will be estimated in the process.

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Source: Juan Carlos Diaz Lorenzo


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