Maersk Offers The First Of Its Kind Logistic Based Solution !

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The story of how Maersk enabled a global sportswear brand to overcome an infrastructural issue with a first-of-its-kind logistics solution.

The Customer

The customer is a leading, global sportswear brand from Germany. The company designs and manufactures sports shoes, clothes and accessories. To cater to their global consumer base, they set up manufacturing units in several countries.

Challenge Faced

In Indonesia, the customer’s manufacturing units are largely located in the West and Central Java regions. The customer utilizes the ports at Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya to load and ship their cargo. At the time, Semarang port posed a few challenges and had to shut down operations briefly. Apart from the delay in timelines, this disruption was also financially unviable for our customer.

Solution Drawn

As a leading global sportswear brand, the customer’s products are always in demand. And their goods need to keep moving, even if it means overcoming unforeseen delays. Maersk’s comprehensive approach to supply chain management equipped the customer with a long-term solution to a longstanding problem in this region.

Following a thorough discussion and understanding of our customer’s requirements, we proposed a first-of-its-kind solution to overcome challenges they faced at the Semarang port. A railway line was set up to transport cargo between the ports at Jakarta and Semarang. Cargo was shipped from our customer’s manufacturing units in the Central Java Region via this railway line. The first batch of cargo was sent on 11 August 2022. 

The Result

The pilot project turned out to be a successful undertaking for our customer. A substantial quantity of goods was transported between August and October via Maersk’s intermodal solution.

Given the success, starting 1 January 2023, the intermodal solution will be added to the regular list of services offered by Maersk to this sportswear giant in the region.

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