Maersk’s Starfish Ready for Assembly In Norway


Barge Carrying Parts Of Maersk’s New Build Reach Norway

An Ugland barge carrying the parts of Maersk’s new build was towed by the Svitzer tug Frigga to the yard for final assembly.


The vessel is the first in a series of six Maersk’s Starfish newbuilds (Maersk TBN) ordered in October 2014.  Maersk signed  a contract with Norway’s Kleven to build six anchor handling vessels, with options for four additional vessels.  The vessels are being built at two shipyards, Kleven Verft and Myklebust Verft.


  • The vessels are 4,600 dwt anchor handling tug supply vessels suited to dealing with the extreme forces of deep water anchor handling, with a deck capacity of 2,500 t.
  • The vessels can accommodate 52 persons.
  • The vessels feature a length of 95 m and are of SALT 200 AHTS design from Salt Ship Design.
  • The delivery of two vessels, including the abovementioned one, is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2016.
  • The remaining four vessels are to be delivered in 2017.

Image Courtesy: Marius Rosbach



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