Focus On System Of Integration By CIMAC World Congress




  • To develop regulations and standards in system integration (e.g. EEDI definitions and implementation rules).


The Working Group will ideally consist of engine builders, engineering companies, research organisations, system component suppliers such as electrical equipment & automation, controls, batteries, gears, propulsors and thrusters, heat exchangers, steam turbines and system integrators including engine users, shipyards and Classification Societies.


  • To input and engage the component industry for shipping and land based applications
  • To develop hybrid system design principles
  • To input on the development of the internal combustion engines in diesel-electric installations
  • To discuss development drivers for energy efficiency optimisation concepts in ships or land based applications
  • To contribute to the development and promulgation of multi-source energy system design optimisations for ships and land based power plants
  • To input and contribute in the development of regulations with Classification Societies, adjusting the existing rules to cope with the state-of-the-art in system integration design principles

Meeting activities

  • The next meeting is intended to be held on April 21/22 in Graz, Austria.

Catch all this and more at the CIMAC World Congress 2016 at Helsinki from June 6-10.

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Source: CIMAC


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