MAN 32/44 Common Rail Engine Gets US EPA Certification



MAN Diesel & Turbo announced the clearance of US EPA certification for their 4-stroke  MAN 32/44 Common Rail engine.  This is mandatory for all engines falling under the 3600-12,000 kW category for all US flagged vessels.

There has been a surge in demand for certification from the American fishing Industry.  This was indirectly one of the reasons for initiating and securing the US EPA certification.

MAN Diesel & Turbo  continues to receive continued patronage as well as new orders for the engine from within the USA including the MAN 8L32/44CR engine to power a new building trawler for Fishermen’s Finest, a U.S. fishing company. This order represented a breakthrough for the CR engine in the domestic-fishing segment.

MAN Diesel & Turbo,  Sales manager at the North American operations, Mr. Chuck Griffith is quoted to have said “This certification is a significant step in our four-stroke, marine-engine strategy for the US market.  The engine family has been certified US EPA Tier 2 for Category 3 engines and builds the foundation for us to introduce our US EPA Tier 3 for Category 3 product in 2016.  This will allow US customers to benefit from the high power output and low fuel-consumption of our medium-speed, common-rail engines.  US EPA Tier 3 is currently the final emissions tier for Category 3 (≥ 30L/cyl displacement) engines and is similar to US EPA Tier 4 for Category 1 and 2 (< 30 L/cyl displacement) engines.”

The special features of the 32/44CR are:

  • Common-rail technology featuring optimised NOx vs. SFOC trade-off at every load point, independent of rpm. Fuel efficiency matched with low operating costs. Also the most technologically advanced.
  • High power output: 600 kW/cyl for diesel-electric set-ups and CPPs; 510 kW/cyl for FPPs and dredgers. Reliable and durable in the fishing industry.
  • Low fuel-consumption of 172.4 g/kw-hr for diesel-electric and CPP set-ups, and the use of high-efficiency turbochargers.

MAN 32/44CR engines are suitable for a variety of applications including fishing, ATBs anchor handlers, offshore construction vessels, dredgers and drill ships.

Source: Man Diesel & Turbo