MAN Diesel & Turbo – The Company


MAN Diesel & Turbo, based in Augsburg, Germany, is the world’s leading manufacturer of diesel engines, turbomachinery for marine and land applications.  They also design and manufacture gas turbines, steam turbines of enormous capacity and they are also well entrenched into the field of manufacturing turbochargers, propellers, gas engines and chemical reactors.

Their Thika Power Plant in Kenya is unique, where diesel engines as well as turbines produce electricity in the most efficient manner.  They are the first to have introduced the SCR system, compliant with the IMP 203 emissions standards.

In Les Nirges Nlanques, Spain, they have installed the world’s first hybrid power plant where both solar and thermal energy production takes place.  They are the first to have manufactured the sub-sea compressor for easy and safe sea gas extraction in Asgard Field, Norwegian Sea.

Located at 120 different places all over the globe they have 14,500 employees on roll with a dedicated mobile service team to reach out to any part of the world.