[WATCH] Ship’s Exhaust being Captured – ‘METS’ in Action.


Watch the exclusive time lapse video of how exhausts from the ship’s funnel stack are being captured by the METS system.

CAPTURING SHIP EXHAUST — The world’s first commercial application of a ship emissions capturing system began deployment at the Port of Los Angeles. The project was funded in part by a $1.5 million grant provided through the Port of Los Angeles’ Technology Advancement Program.

Clean Air Engineering-Maritime (CAEM) and Tri-Mer Corporation developed the full-scale commercial model of the Maritime Emissions Treatment System — or METS — which is now undergoing a final California Air Resources Board (CARB) verification for USEPA certification process.

The METS is barge-mounted and positioned alongside the vessel by tugboat. A tall crane mounted on the barge reaches to the exhaust stacks of the diesel auxiliary engines aboard the vessel. Exhaust is captured and funneled through flexible piping to a dry treatment pollution destruction system which also mounted on the barge.

According to the developers, over 90% of the diesel pollutants are successfully treated, greatly alleviating air pollution from ships that do not have the capability to turn off their auxiliary engines and plug into shore-side Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) while at berth in the Port of Los Angeles.

Video: caemaritime and Port of Los Angeles
Image: Market wired