Maritime Excellence: 2023 CAREER4SEA Awards Recap


The 2023 CAREER4SEA – EUROPORT Awards, hosted by SAFETY4SEA, highlighted exceptional achievements in the maritime sector. Recognizing endeavours Crew Welfare, Diversity & Inclusion, and Education and Training, the event showcased the industry’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

2023 CAREER4SEA Awards: EUROPORT Highlights

Crew Welfare: KVH Industries, Inc.
Acknowledged for advancing seafarer well-being through cutting-edge connectivity technology.

Diversity & Inclusion: TURTLE
Praised for a comprehensive approach to fostering diversity in the maritime sphere.

Education: Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz
Recognized for extensive programs and a state-of-the-art simulator training centre.

New Generation: Maritime Sisters
Acclaimed for dynamic initiatives driving industry change, collaboration, and diversity.

Personality: Capt. Eero Lehtovaara
Honoured for expertise in navigating challenges and leadership in autonomous shipping regulations.

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Source: EUROPORT 2025