Massive $273m Mexican Meth Haul Concealed in Hydraulic Press

Credit: The steel hydraulic press which arrived into NSW from Mexico by ship held more than 300kg of meth. -PR Handout Image

More than 300 kilogrammes of methamphetamine were brought into NSW illegally from Mexico, hidden deep beneath a steel hydraulic press, as reported by Shepp News.

Seized haul

Australian Federal Police (AFP) has seized a drug haul with an estimated value of over $273 million, consisting of 79 blocks of methamphetamine. The drugs were concealed inside a hydraulic press that arrived by ship on April 18. Australian Border Force officers became suspicious due to the steel’s density during an examination at a Sydney facility. After drilling into the press, they discovered a white substance, confirming it to be meth. The sophisticated smuggling operation involved lead-lined tubs to evade detection. 

A well-established crime

AFP believes a well-established transnational crime syndicate is behind the scheme and is working with domestic and international partners to investigate. The seizure highlights the lengths drug traffickers go to for profits. Authorities are urging the community to provide any information that could help identify those involved. The expertise of ABF officers played a crucial role in locating concealed drugs. Methamphetamine continues to cause significant harm, with an average of 33 methamphetamine-related hospitalizations per day in Australia in 2020-21.

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Source: Shepp News


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