Massive Water Park Party in Wuhan Shocks the Pandemic-hit World


  • Wuhan in China is in a celebration mood as it hosts a concert at a water park without social distancing or masks.
  • The videos and photos of a music festival held over the weekend with staggering number people partying shocks the world.
  • Wuhan, once the epicenter of the pandemic that has so far infected nearly 22 million worldwide.
  • Wuhan has reportedly not detected any locally transmitted coronavirus cases in three months.
  • It is largely attributed to a strict 76-day lockdown on the city, but others have the validity of official Chinese reports on the number of cases.

According to news report published in the Forbes, written by Carlie Porterfield, Wuhan, where the pandemic is believed to have originated, hosted a music festival.

Photos from the festival have gone viral online as people in other countries gawk at the crowd size and how close attendees were packed together.

Maya Beach Water Park

According to AFP, the scenes are from a concert for a music festival held at Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park.

The water park began reopening in June after Wuhan’s nearly three-month long lockdown was slowly scaled back.

Thousands of partiers attended an electronic music performance, CNN reported.

Park allows only half of the usual visitors

Local media sources cited by AFP reported that the park is only allowing half of the usual number of visitors.

But no face masks can be seen in photos or videos taken during the concert, and there appeared to be no social distancing.

According to the BBC, some Chinese social media users were shocked Wuhan permitted such a large event.

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Source: Forbes


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