ME-GI Engine Passes FAT Test in Japan



DNV GL, the classification society, oversaw and cleared the factory acceptance test for the first, Man Diesel & Turbo’s ME-GI engine in Japan’s MES Co.Ltd. Of the two 8S70ME-C8.2-GI units, this is the first that received approval.  Two 2,400-teu ConRo ships for Crowley Maritime Corporation, USA, will have the engine onboard. .

Crowley Maritime Corporation initially placed an order in 2014 for three MAN 9L28/32DF auxiliary engines.  Each vessel has to be fitted with an ME-GI engine.  The two new ConRo ships (LO/LO) and (RO/RO) – are to be named ‘El Coquí’ and ‘Taíno’, they are scheduled for delivery between mid and end of 2017, respectively.  These are said to be world’s first LNG-powered ConRo ships that can travel at speeds of 22 knots and with the capacity to carry various sized containers and vehicles packed in weather-tight car decking.  Besides, offering customers a fast ocean transit time, the vessels being powered by LNG helps to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by approximately 38%.  In addition, it would also receive a green passport from DNV GL.

Crowley Maritime Corporation report that they chose the Diesel-cycle ME-GI high-pressure engines as, they are highly efficient and consume less power.

The ME-GI gives shipowners and operators the option of utilising fuel or gas depending on relative price and availability, as well as environmental considerations.

The ME-GI uses high-pressure gas injection that allows it also to incorporate the positive benefits of MAN’s low-speed engines as well. The ME-GI’s ability to avoid derating, and its negligible methane slip and its dual-fuel solutions make it stand out and the most sought after engine. The ME-GI engine represents a highly efficient, flexible, propulsion-plant solution.

An ME-LGI counterpart that uses LPG, methanol and other liquid gases is also available and has already been ordered.


Source: Man Diesel & Turbo