Swedish Club Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary



The 35th anniversary of the establishment of the Swedish Club was celebrated in its Piraeus office in Greece.  Established in the year 1980, the 16-member office serves clients in the Middle East, Italy and Greece.

Members of the club’s board include Michael Bodouroglou (Allseas Marine S.A.), John Coustas (Danaos Shipping Co. Ltd.), Demetri Dragazis (Latsco London Ltd.), Lars Rhodin (MD) and Diamantis Manos (Costamare Shipping Co. S.A.).

Lars Rhodin, MD of the club expressed his delight in the celebration of the 35th anniversary with the other members and friends.  “Our members make up an international community of front rank shipowners, who believe that quality comes first.  The members in Greece are no exception, and we are delighted to have served the needs of this demanding market successfully for the last 35 years”, said Lars.

For the most part of its history, the Swedish Club has maintained close and cordial relations with several Greek ship-owners.  The club’s very first off-shore office was established in Greece, and its first board member was John P. Samartzis, who joined in 1982.  The board now has five Greek ship-owners who represent Greece and the shared interests of other ship-owners.  Additionally, Greece hosted the most recent board meeting, which happened in Athens yesterday.

A wide range of marine insurance services are provided by the Swedish club from Gothenburg, where it is headquartered.  Other offices of the club are in Piraeus, Hong Kong, London, Oslo and Tokyo.

Source: The Swedish Club


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