Medical Aid With Floating Hospital


MV YWAM PNG – Floating Hospital

A Cruise, MV YWAM PNG is now an Hospital. Its main aim is to provide medical aid for the remote areas of Papua New Guinea.  It travels with 100 volunteers from  far north Queensland to Papua New Guinea.

Floating Hospital

Highlights :

  • Two patients can undergo simultaneous vision-restoring cataract surgery at once in the eye surgery operating theatre.
  • An operation theatre for eye surgery is available, and also fitted with diagnostic laboratory is an added advantage.
  • Laboratory available to diagnose malaria, leprosy and tuberculosis.
  • Facilities for dental surgery adds to its feature where people under go for check to root canal.


  • Lacks skills and resources.
  • Ship is navigated through the maps created during world war II, lacks data.

Though there are challenges, People are happy to have PNG and are giving their full support to make the initiative successful.

For Ms Bouman, exploring new places in PNG often reaps rewards of a material nature.

But her greatest reward is in being able to deliver life-changing medical assistance to the people of PNG.

“Being able to restore sight to somebody who was blind before is just incredible,” she said.

“To provide that healthcare to these people completely changes their life and that’s the kind of healthcare that I really desire to give to people.”

Source: ABC


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