Meridian Port Services Unveils Advanced Equipment Simulation Facility at Tema Port


Meridian Port Services (MPS), a joint venture between Ghana Ports and Harbours, Africa Global Logistics, and APM Terminals, has inaugurated a state-of-the-art equipment simulation facility at Tema Port. This pioneering initiative, the first of its kind in Ghana, aims to significantly enhance productivity and safety in cargo handling operations. By providing comprehensive, realistic training for operators, this facility adds substantial value to Tema Port stakeholders and marks a significant milestone in MPS’s quest to establish itself as the “Hub of the Gulf of Guinea.”

Cutting-Edge Simulation Technology

The sophisticated equipment simulator addresses critical aspects of crane operations, focusing on safety and efficiency. Custom-built to mirror the specific crane models and terminal environment of MPS’s Terminal 3 in Tema, the simulator suite includes ship-to-shore (STS) cranes for wharf operations, electric rubber tyre gantry (RTG) cranes for container yard operations, and reach stackers. Each module is meticulously designed to emulate the actual equipment and conditions at Tema.

An “Almost Real” Training Environment

Leveraging the latest technologies, the simulator creates an “almost real” training environment using advanced physics and visual modelling. Trainees can experience a variety of weather conditions, equipment failures, malfunctions, and obstacles. A high-fidelity audio system provides stereoscopic surround sound effects, including motor noises, collisions, alarms, radio communications, wind, and environmental sounds. Additionally, the simulator features a high-fidelity motion platform, replicating the physical sensations experienced by crane operators.

Enhancing Skills and Job Opportunities

CEO of MPS, Mr Mohamed Samara, highlighted the significance of this investment, stating, “The shareholders’ investment in this state-of-the-art simulator is dedicated to training operators of heavy container handling equipment. It aims to transfer critical knowledge, create job opportunities, and significantly boost the skills of operators within the Tema port enclave, enhancing the service levels to our customers.”

Realistic and Immersive Training

Mrs. Julia Acquah, Human Resource Manager, added that the new simulator embodies the pinnacle of modern training technology, offering trainees a realistic and immersive experience. “It replicates the complexities of crane operations under various conditions, including day, night, rain, fog, and handling all types of containers, even during technical difficulties. This setup allows operators to gain hands-on experience and master the specifics of container handling without the risks associated with real-world operations,” she said.

Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

The Director of Tema Port, Mrs Sandra Opoku, acknowledged the crucial role of the equipment simulator in boosting the safe and efficient operations of a container terminal. She was particularly impressed with the fact that trainees can be evaluated and trained in a virtual environment, preparing them for potential emergencies without risking actual equipment damage.

Striving for Excellence

“This sophisticated facility represents a substantial advancement for MPS as it continues to strive for excellence in port operations and training, reinforcing its commitment to becoming a premier hub in the Gulf of Guinea,” concluded Mr Mohamed Samara.

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Source: APM Terminals