SOHAR Port and Freezone Launches Advanced Emergency Response Organization


In a significant step towards improving emergency preparedness and response, SOHAR Port and Freezone have announced the operational launch of the SOHAR Emergency Response Organization (SERO). This strategic initiative represents a comprehensive and advanced approach to emergency response and safety at SOHAR Port, capable of addressing a wide range of incidents within the industrial area. SERO is operated by Unity Fire and Safety, a company specializing in safety and emergency response. Through its mutual aid agreement, SERO extends its coverage to effectively handle additional scenarios, supported by the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) and OQ.

Strategic Public-Private Partnership

This initiative is part of a Public-Private Partnership that includes global and local collaborations, such as the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, and the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority. The collaboration ensures efficient responses to emergencies at the port. Key features include advanced equipment and training, regulatory compliance, revision of emergency regulations, and the implementation of an Emergency Response Plan aligned with international safety best practices and standards.

Commitment to Safety and Operational Excellence

Captain Majid bin Saif bin Mohammed Al Barahi, Director General of Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology, emphasized, “With this launch, we prioritize the safety and protection of people above all. This initiative goes beyond traditional measures, significantly boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency responses. It serves as a robust framework, seamlessly safeguarding both individuals and the continuity of essential operations during challenging times.”

Batti bin Mohammed Al Shibli, Harbour Master of SOHAR Port, added, “By embracing innovative practices and cutting-edge technology, the organization is setting new industry benchmarks for safety and establishing a gold standard for operational excellence. This initiative reflects our unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest level of safety, resilience, and efficiency within SOHAR, paving a future where emergencies are met with unparalleled preparedness and adaptability.”

Comprehensive Drills and Audits

Over the past few months, the organization has conducted a series of emergency drills with support from various partners within the system. Collaborations included the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety District team from the Port of Rotterdam and a team from the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority. Additionally, an audit was conducted to assess the system’s readiness, in partnership with the technical partner, Kappetijn, ensuring the highest standards of efficiency and preparedness.

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Source: SOHAR Port and Freezone