Methanol Summit 2022: A Game Changer!

Credit: Absevents

Panelists from industry-leading organizations including, Maersk, MAN, MSC, Waterfront Shipping, European Commission, Safe Bulkers, Proman, the Port of Rotterdam etc. converge for the Methanol Summit to be held online.

Panel 1: A Value Chain View 

This panel brings together Shipowners, Shipyards and Manufacturers to unravel how Methanol is becoming a key aspect of their strategy. It will be discussing maritime opportunities and will address the challenges for adoption. It will be reviewing the maturity of the existing technology and provide insights on the emerging technologies that will support methanol’s scale up.

The Panelists include:

  • Dr. Loukas Barmparis, President and Director, SafeBulkers.
  • Bjarne Foldager, Senior Vice President, Head of Two Stroke Business, MAN Energy Solutions
  • Paul Hexter, President, Waterfront Shipping
  • Ole Graa Jacobsen, Vice President, Head of Fleet Technology, Maersk
  • Cees Boon, Senior Advisor, Port of Rotterdam

Panel 2: Demystifying the application of Methanol

This panel brings together experts from the maritime value chain stakeholders to discuss the viability, advantages, challenges and roadblocks in Methanol Pathways. It will examine the current and developing regulatory framework, the market and scope 3 perceptions through the charterer’s eyes, how projects will be financed and ultimately what Methanol production and distribution pathways are the most promising for the future.  

The Panelists include:

  • Claudio Abbate, Group V.P. Maritime Policy and Government Affairs, MSC
  • Berit Hinnemann, Head of Green Fuel Sourcing, Maersk  
  • Tim Cornelius, European Head of Business Development, Proman
  • Richard Mason, Accredited Representative of European Commission to the IMO

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Source: Absinfo


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