[Mystery] Officer Dies Onboard a Cargo Ship


An inquest is underway on the death of a junior officer onboard a cargo ship.


Incident: Death of a Junior Officer
Vessel Involved: Yangtze Oasis, a ‘flag of convenience’ bulk carrier
Reason: Unknown

The death of a Junior Officer is under investigation by the International Transport Workers Federation.  On Friday, the bulk carrier was about to call at the Port of NewCastle when the incident occurred.

Dean Summers, the union’s national coordinator, informed that New South Wales Coroner is investigating the death of the young man. “We’re trying to find information. “

He added that “One of the problems about a flag of convenience vessel is that it’s able to hide behind a very heavy shroud of secrecy. So we can’t find and we can’t engage the owners, we can’t engage the operators.”

“All our information is being blocked, and it’s just so frustrating.  We seek to find out exactly what happened on board this vessel.”

Mr Summers along with NSW police are onboard the vessel for investigation.  A forensic team has been engaged to investigate.

Source: ABC