Sand Dredger Sinks In Iceland’s Coastal Harbour

A sand dredger that was undergoing repairs on the dry dock sank in the harbour.


Accident type: Sinking
Vessel InvolvedPerlan
Vessel type: Sand dredger
Expected reason: Water seepage as the Ship’s hull shutters were not secured
Seamen on board: 2
Casualties or injuries: None.

The 1979 built sand dredger called Perlan (The Pearl) was undergoing repairs on the dry dock.  The vessel which was on the water for less than a day when it suddenly started sinking.  When the emergency workers started their rescue works half the ship was still visible, but within half an hour the entire craft submerged.

On Monday, November 2, a vessel in the Reykjavik harbor reported to the fire-fighters that a vessel was sinking.  By the time the rescue operation started the ship had already sunk and rested at the bottom of Reykjavik harbor in Iceland.

It is said that the ship’s hull  shutters were not secured allowing seepage of water.

Two crewmen onboard were rescued safely without injuries.

The harbor was temporarily shut down after the incident for security reasons.  The area where the ship sank was demarcated with buoys.  Precautions to prevent oil contamination from the vessel is undertaken.

Divers were waiting for low tide to assess the level of damage and to determine how readily the vessel might be righted once again.  

Source: ubAlert