NAMEPA’s MSP Program Achieves Unprecedented Growth

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Amid a dynamic maritime landscape, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) witnesses a remarkable surge in participation for its pioneering Maritime Sustainability Passport (MSP) Program, a testament to its enduring impact and growing industry commitment. The shipmanagementinternational source.

  • NAMEPA’s Maritime Sustainability Passport Program sees over 300% growth in enrollment, with diverse participation from corporations, individuals, seafarers, and students.
  • Co-Founder and CEO Carleen Lyden Walker announces the surge at the All-Hands Meeting, highlighting the program’s premier status and its contribution to NAMEPA’s ‘Save Our Seas’ mission.
  • ESGPlus LLC’s partnership plays a crucial role in shaping and elevating the MSP Program’s achievements, reinforcing NAMEPA’s commitment to fostering sustainable practices in the maritime industry.

Impressive Uptick

At the latest All-Hands Meeting of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), a remarkable surge in participation for NAMEPA’s groundbreaking Maritime Sustainability Passport (MSP) Program was unveiled. The event featured Co-Founder and CEO Carleen Lyden Walker, who shared the program’s significant achievements.

Diverse Entities

“We are thrilled to witness a remarkable upsurge in MSP Program enrollments this year,” stated Ms. Walker. The program has attracted a diverse array of entities, including corporations, individuals, seafarers, and students, all actively engaging or successfully completing the MSP Program. Impressively, the program’s growth rate has exceeded 300% compared to the previous year, highlighting its burgeoning popularity.

MSP Program

The MSP Program holds the distinction of being the maritime industry’s premier and longest-standing sustainability initiative. Its comprehensive framework and annual updates set it apart. Ms. Walker shared her anticipation for continued engagement from the maritime industry in 2023, expressing confidence in the sector’s dedication to NAMEPA’s ‘Save Our Seas’ mission.

Empowering Achievements

ESGPlus LLC has been a key partner in fortifying the MSP Program’s accomplishments since its inception in June 2020. Playing a pivotal role in shaping and elevating the program, ESGPlus has significantly contributed to its growth and achievements, further solidifying its impact within the maritime industry.

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