Nautilus International Welcomes The Fatigue Findings


According to recent research findings published in the Lancet medical journal, people working long hours are more likely to have suffered strokes and require the management of vascular risk factors.


Nautilus International has supported the research findings published in the Lancet medical journal.  The results reveal that the people who work for long hours suffer from strokes.  These studies have also recommended additional attention for the management of vascular risk factors in individuals who work long hours.

Allan Graveson, Nautilus International senior national secretary, has suggested that stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer have prove to be a long-term increased risks to health.  These risk factors are happening due to as a consequence of working long hours especially, at night without adequate rest.  In addition to this, traveling for long hours also pose an immediate risk to the individuals.

In the maritime industry, there is a need to work on 91/98-hour working week basis.  An independent research, Project Horizon, has confirmed that human performance worsens when working long hours.  Also, stretched night working hours cause tiredness.  All these factors put all marine users at risk.  Hence, European Working Time Directive in 1993 has recognized these factors as a long-term risk to health.  Long before, asbestos were ignored for their influence on mariner’s health.  Similarly, employers now need to take a call on their responsibility as the 91/98-hour working week is unacceptable.

Nautilus International is a trade union and professional organization that works for the more than 22,000 maritime professionals in the UK, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Source: Nautilus International


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