Pushing the Sea Birds to Eat Plastics



Australian Research Organisation CSIRO and Imperial College of London have submitted a crucial report that unwinds the seriousness of plastics over marine life.  It reveals that 99% of seabirds are going to eat plastics by 2050.  The number of seabirds who ingest plastics raised from 5% to 80% within 50 years.  More shockingly 90% of sea birds living today eat some plastics. Plastics leave the greatest impact on marine life especially over the southern oceans where penguins and giant albatrosses live.

As per the expertise, an effective waste management plan will only be the hope to fight against this scenario as even simple measures can make huge differences.  As a pacification factor, hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world gather together for coastal clean-up events with a view to protect the marine biodiversity.

Source: Csiro