New Bunker fuel treatment Products are Made in the USA



The new Go Green Global Technologies Corp. Connecticut plant has started manufacturing and supplying fuel treatment devices.

Recent Highlights :

  • Relocates from Italy to Connecticut, USA
  • Provides solutions worldwide utilizing the proprietary patented Sonical™ process for both non-chemical water treatment and fuel combustion applications
  • The new device makes existing fuel and water systems run cleaner and more efficiently
  • The device claims to ensure “proper combustion” of bunkers in vessels through a process known as “molecular cracking”

Go Green Technologies Corp. Sonical Fuel Charger can be installed in the fuel supply circuit feeding motors, burners, boilers.

MOLECULAR CRACKING is obtained by means of electric fields generated by the unit: through this “Energized” fuel, combustion is improved with subsequent 10-15% power increase and concurrent 60% drop in polluting emissions.

Go Green Technologies Corp. Sonical Fuel Charger is an electro-physical device which, through the generation of an electric field, “energizes” fuel before it enters the combustion chamber, thus ensuring its proper combustion.

Credits: Go green website