New MCA Documentary on Channel 5 Released

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The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is set to captivate audiences with a behind-the-scenes documentary series, “Coastguard: Every Second Counts,” which will provide a compelling look into the life-saving work carried out by the agency, reports UKNIP.

About the series

Premiering on Sunday, July 2, at 9pm on Channel 5, the series will offer viewers a comprehensive understanding of the wide range of tasks undertaken by the MCA.

Safety is the Foundation From the dedicated surveyors ensuring vessel safety to the adrenaline-fueled rescues conducted by HM Coastguard, the series will highlight the fundamental importance of safety in every aspect of the agency’s operations.

Full and Exclusive Access Granting unprecedented access to TV crews for a year, the MCA has provided an opportunity to showcase the multifaceted, intricate, and sometimes tragic work of the United Kingdom’s maritime regulator.

Unveiling Dramatic Rescues Through breathtaking aerial footage and interviews with helicopter crews, the series will bring to life stories of gripping rescues from various locations across the UK. Viewers will gain insight into the experiences of the courageous teams involved while witnessing their expertise firsthand.

Inside the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, The documentary also takes viewers inside the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Fareham, Hampshire, shedding light on the pivotal role played by coastguards during rescue operations. First-hand accounts will transport viewers into the heart of the action, illustrating the team’s professionalism and skill.

Regulatory Compliance Investigations Team “Coastguard: Every Second Counts” introduces the Regulatory Compliance Investigations Team (RCIT), responsible for investigating and prosecuting unsafe practices at sea. Viewers will accompany team members on their daily tasks, uncovering their efforts to hold individuals and companies accountable for maritime law breaches. The MCA possesses the authority to initiate direct prosecutions.

Highlighting Safety Checks The first episode opens with the tragic consequences that can result from disregarding stringent safety regulations, underscoring the importance of compliance. The series will follow the RCIT as they conduct safety checks, utilizing imagery from fixed-wing aeroplanes to ensure vessels are operating safely within British waters.

Counter Pollution and Salvage Team Audiences will also witness the work of the Counter Pollution and Salvage team, responsible for identifying, coordinating, and responding to maritime environmental concerns. This team relies on strong collaborative partnerships with various agencies. The series will showcase fixed-wing aircraft monitoring the seas for signs of pollution, as sea pollution can have detrimental effects on delicate marine ecosystems. The MCA team works diligently to minimize any environmental impact.

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Source: UKNIP


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