Odfjell Implements Alfa Laval OceanGlide

Credit: Danish Shipping

Odfjell Ship Management has chosen the Alfa Laval OceanGlide fluidic air lubricating system to be installed on one of our tankers as part of our decarbonization efforts. By taking advantage of this new innovative technology, we aim to further reduce the carbon intensity, reports ODFJELL.

Air lubrication system

Alfa Laval OceanGlide is the name of Alfa Laval’s newly acquired air lubrication system, which is based on patented fluidic technology. This technology is the latest addition to Alfa Laval’s sustainable portfolio, aimed at supporting shipowners in addressing fuel and emission challenges.

OceanGlide integrates fluid technology into air lubrication to optimize energy savings. This patented and class-approved system uses fluidic oscillators to generate an even layer of micro-air bubbles across the vessel’s flat bottom, reducing friction and drag. By reducing the vessel’s drag, the OceanGlide system offers a proven method of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Lindmark continues: “We strive to develop and bring innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, such as OceanGlide, to our customers that support them in meeting their decarbonisation goals and enable them to sail efficiently.”

Odfjell has installed more than 130 energy-saving devices on our vessels since 2014. In 1Q 2023, we reported a historically low carbon intensity – more than 50% below the IMO baseline for our fleet. Our decarbonization efforts do not stop with this achievement – now is the time to start deploying more improved technologies.

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