New Mobile-Friendly Logo Of Google



Google, the most preferred of the search services, is reached on different devices rather than just desktop computers and so, a need to change its logo had arisen.  In September 2013, the logo froze to a flat one after making several changes from 1998.

The new logo will work better on the many different-sized screens through which people can reach Google and its services.  It plans to use four dots in its signature blue, red, yellow and green colours and a single, multicoloured capital “G” to represent it.

Google announced the change on its official blog and illustrated the difference via a series of animated gifs.  The re-designed logo was “simple, uncluttered, colorful, friendly” and represented the best of Google.

Mark Sinclair said the shift was significant because before now Google had resisted doing the same as other tech companies many of which adopted a “simpler and often blander” look when they updated their official insignia.  By contrast, he said, Google had kept its “scrappier demeanour” but this latest update showed the company had indeed “smartened itself up”.

Google has also put its many divisions under an umbrella company called Alphabet.

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