New Study Highlights Key Recommendations For Establishing Green Shipping Corridors


The Maritime Technologies Forum (MTF) has released a new report exploring the safety considerations for establishing green corridors, providing a detailed safety checklist to help guide ship owner and port authority decisions. 

Recommendations Outlined 

The MTF’s study facilitates information sharing by creating a 24-point safety checklist spotlighting vessel and port, collaborative and technical considerations in the planning and assessing green corridors. Based on the findings of the study, MTF has outlined the following recommendations: 

  • Arrange early planning for safety assessments 
  • Conduct a risk assessment of port operations and bunkering 
  • Use available standards to ease future port acceptance 
  • Understand the risk to third parties in port
  • Share information and emergency plans with intermediate states 
  • Develop and implement a safety management system (SMS) for alternative fuels.

Adoption of Alternative Fuels

Commenting on the guidelines and recommendations, Alf Tore Sørheim, Acting Director General of Shipping and Navigation at the Norwegian Maritime Authority said: “There are many barriers to consider regarding the formation of green corridors, and safety must be at the forefront of these discussions. We should ensure that all stakeholders have access to our findings and a voice in the process so we can collectively address the challenges at hand.”

Additional comments on the report were provided by Tan Hoe Soon, Assistant Chief Executive (Corporate & Strategy) for the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore saying: “The establishment of Green and Digital Shipping Corridors (GDSCs) with like-minded partners is a key enabler to accelerate the early adoption of alternative fuels. MTF’s study can support the ongoing work that port authorities are already undertaking, such as through the Port Authorities Roundtable on sharing the experiences that can inform the development of national standards and guidelines by the respective countries.” 

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Source: MartimeTechnologiesForum