NYK’s Fuel Ammonia Supply Initiative


The NYK Group, in collaboration with key industry partners, continues to lead the way in sustainable maritime practices through the introduction of fuel ammonia as an alternative marine fuel. A recent ceremony at Sea Japan 2024 marked the announcement of NYK’s plans to supply fuel ammonia to its ammonia-fueled tugboat (“A-tug”), scheduled for completion in June. This significant milestone underscores NYK’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and advancing decarbonization efforts in the global shipping industry.

Joint Efforts to Establish Safe Supply Chains

Through strategic partnerships with JERA, Resonac, and other industry players, NYK has been actively engaged in studying and establishing safe operation methods for fuel ammonia supply to ships. This concerted effort includes the development of safe handling procedures, the establishment of transportation systems, and advocacy for regulatory frameworks conducive to fuel ammonia adoption.

Pioneering Fuel Ammonia Replenishment Methods

NYK’s decision to supply fuel ammonia to its ammonia-fueled tugboat (A-tug) using the truck-to-ship method represents a groundbreaking achievement in maritime fuel replenishment. This innovative approach not only demonstrates NYK’s commitment to sustainable shipping practices but also sets a precedent for the widespread adoption of fuel ammonia in the marine transport industry.

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Source: NYK Line