NYK Aiming To Improve Quality Of Automotive Transport

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NYK convened its GLOBAL Safety & Quality Committee, at which representatives from 12 countries shared information and exchanged opinions with the aim of improving vessel operation quality, cargo work quality, and fleet quality for automotive transport, says an article published on their website.

Automotive transportation

This meeting was a consolidation of three quality meetings that had previously been held separately based on the idea that they are all related to the quality of automotive transportation.

Improve quality

This was the first time that representatives of the three meeting groups had gathered to discuss ways to improve quality.

The hybrid meeting featured participants in person and online and was attended by representatives from 12 countries, including the United States, Turkey, and Belgium.

Status of various issues

On the first day of the meeting, the background and significance of the establishment of the GLOBAL Safety & Quality Committee were explained, and information was shared on the vision that the three departments are aiming to achieve, activities underway at the head office, and the current status of various issues.

Important mission

Yutaka Ikeda, a managing executive officer at NYK, commented, “Delivering the vehicle safely and reliably to every corner of the world is our Automotive Transportation Headquarters important mission. To achieve this mission, it is extremely important to improve quality and safety. We are in the process of consolidating what we have already achieved and rebuilding our ability to ensure safety and provide better service to the customers. While there are many challenges and difficulties, I really expect to learn about each other’s activities to ensure the sustainability of our services and to us all achieving our goals and further improving upon them.”

Quality improvement

On the second day, the three groups shared specific initiatives for quality improvement, as well as reports and discussions from each region.

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Source: NYK


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