NYK And JMU Develop Innovative Method For Evaluating Ship Performance


  • NYK and Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU) have collaboratively devised a groundbreaking approach to assess a vessel’s performance in actual sea conditions even before its construction is finalized.
  • By verifying a ship’s propulsive performance in wind and wave conditions, the companies aim to enhance the accuracy of performance estimations and procure highly fuel-efficient vessels, thereby contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

NYK and JMU have embarked on a joint initiative to revolutionize the evaluation of ship performance by formulating a method to predict a vessel’s behavior in real-world maritime environments prior to the completion of construction. This pioneering approach aims to bridge the gap between guaranteed performance in calm seas and actual operational conditions, thereby enhancing the reliability of performance estimates and optimizing vessel design for optimal efficiency.

Challenges in Conventional Shipbuilding Contracts

Traditionally, shipbuilding contracts rely on guaranteed speed assessments based on a ship’s performance in calm waters. However, the discrepancy between performance in calm seas and actual maritime conditions poses significant challenges for accurate performance predictions. To address this issue, NYK and JMU have introduced clauses guaranteeing ship performance in actual seas, paving the way for the development of advanced evaluation methodologies.

Verification Process

The collaborative effort involved selecting two new Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) designed and constructed by JMU and collecting comprehensive data on vessel speed, engine horsepower, wind conditions, and other relevant factors over a one-year period. Through rigorous verification exercises conducted in actual seas, the companies assessed the degree of adherence to guaranteed speed/power curves, leading to the establishment of a robust analysis and evaluation method for specific maritime routes.

Future Endeavors

Building upon the success of the verification process, NYK and JMU are committed to further enhancing vessel performance in actual seas by leveraging innovative hull designs and advanced technologies. The companies will continue to refine their evaluation methodologies and extend their assessments to various vessel types, ensuring the procurement of highly efficient and environmentally sustainable vessels aligned with their long-term sustainability objectives.

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Source: NYK