Chevron Charts New Course With First Hybrid Electric Fueling Barge In Singapore


  • Chevron has introduced its inaugural hybrid electric bunker tanker in Singapore, marking a significant milestone in maritime fueling technology.
  • The vessel, chartered from V-Bunkers, promises to reduce emissions and costs by approximately 20% compared to conventional tankers, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable shipping practices.

Chevron has made waves in the maritime industry with the introduction of its first hybrid electric bunker tanker in Singapore. Designed to fuel other ships, this groundbreaking vessel represents a significant step forward in the adoption of sustainable fueling practices within the region.

Environmental and Economic Implications

The hybrid electric bunker tanker is poised to revolutionize maritime fueling operations by consuming approximately 20% less fuel compared to conventional tankers. This reduction in fuel consumption translates to lower emissions and operating costs, aligning with Chevron’s commitment to environmental stewardship and financial sustainability.

Testbed for Future Technologies

Jennifer Chao, Chevron’s Asia Pacific commercial marine manager, highlights the barge’s role as a testbed for evaluating new technologies and capabilities. By leveraging hybrid propulsion systems, Chevron aims to gather valuable data that could inform the wider adoption of hybrid vessels across its global operations.

Operational Mechanism

Similar to hybrid electric cars, the vessel incorporates an electric power system alongside a conventional fuel engine. During periods of high consumption, the electric power system supplements the engine, reducing fuel usage. While current technology limits the vessel’s reliance on electricity, advancements in battery technology hold promise for future fully electric bunker tankers.

Integration with Singapore’s Electrification Plans

The hybrid bunker tanker has the potential to leverage onshore charging facilities as part of Singapore’s electrification initiatives. By tapping into renewable energy sources, the vessel can further reduce fossil fuel consumption, contributing to Singapore’s sustainability goals and serving as a model for other ports worldwide.

Collaborative Chartering Agreement

Chevron has partnered with V-Bunkers to charter the hybrid electric bunker tanker, demonstrating a collaborative approach to driving innovation in the maritime sector. This strategic partnership underscores Chevron’s commitment to exploring sustainable solutions and advancing the transition towards cleaner maritime operations.

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Source: Chevron