NYK Procures 5,500 Advanced Refrigerated Containers



NYK has placed an order for 5,500 technologically advanced 40-foot refrigerated (reefer) containers, which are more efficient and reliable than older equipment.  Delivery of the new units has already commenced.

This strategic investment will ensure that NYK continues to operate as one of the newest and most competitive reefer container fleets in the liner industry.

The new order includes 700 Controlled Atmosphere (CA) containers.  The advanced technology of these CA units ensures that the quality and freshness of perishable agricultural products, such as fruits and vegetables, is maintained during long ocean transits.  The CA technology regulates not only the temperature within the reefer unit but also the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

NYK continues to improve the broad range of solutions they offer to customers in the expanding refrigerated and frozen ocean cargo sectors.

Source: NYK


  1. I wish apart from giving info on advanced reefer containers, the article could also mentioned how the atmosphere maintains co2 and oxygen levels a small technical information.
    R S Bhatia

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