NYK To Cut GHG Emissions With New Mooring System


  • NYK Line has concluded a consulting contract with Trelleborg Marine Systems to introduce and promote a new mooring system to ports mainly servicing bulk carriers in Japan.
  • DynaMoor, a load-balancing mooring system, is developed by TMS and is expected to ensure the safety and efficiency of port operations.

Under a new agreement, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line) will act as Trelleborg’s agent in Japan and, as a consultant via its subsidiary Japan Marine Sciences, it will introduce the DynaMoor mooring dynamic mooring solution to Japanese ports, reads the company press release.

Dynamic mooring solution

DynaMoor actively maintains tension in mooring lines to dampen vessel movements, eliminating the effect that passing ships, sea swell and long-period waves have on moored vessels. This increases the range of environmental conditions in which cargo can be transferred, improving throughput.

The system speeds up the berthing process and minimises workload and manual line handling, and thereby reduces vessels’ fuel consumption and emissions.

Decarbonization of maritime sector

Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation, commented on the collaboration: ‘Our strategic partnership with NYK Line will enable Japanese ports to realize the immediate need for increased mooring safety and efficiency.

What’s more, it will also contribute to the decarbonisation of the maritime sector globally by facilitating more sustainable mooring operations, which is a strategic focus for Trelleborg through the development of cleantech and premium product design, as part of its commitment to supporting the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).’

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Source: NYK Line


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