Ocean Cleanup – Garbage Patch To The Micro Plastic Mass



Ocean pollution has a very bad and damaging effect from zooplankton to ocean-going ships.  Lot of trash from the world’s oceans especially from stray fishing line to abandoned boats form a patch.

A new study shows focus on removing plastic from China’s eastern shores and just a few other select locations around the world can serve the purpose.

Plastics in the ocean have substantial environmental and economic impacts.  Collecting trash near the coast is expected to reduce its impact on marine life to one-third. small bits of plastic, often invisible to anyone is the greatest concern.  Identifying and stopping trash at the source, or rather, at its point of entry into the ocean is the best way to control ocean pollution.

A series of computer simulations confirm that by placing the bulk of 29 sinks off the eastern coast of China, along with a few others scattered around the world, would cut the total amount of plastic by 31% by 2025.  Finally authors puts down the result of such simulation as “Oceanic plastic removal might be more effective in removing a greater microplastic mass and in reducing potential harm to marine life when closer to shore than inside the plastic accumulation zones.”

Source: Pacific Standard


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