Oil Spill Due To Vessel Grounding Off Papua Guinea


Vessel Grounding Off Papua Guinea Ends In Oil Spillage


Incident : Vessel Grounding
Vessel type : Passenger/Cargo Vessel
Location : Near the Talele Island nature reserve in Papua New Guinea
Casualties/Pollution : Oil spill

The passenger/cargo vessel ran aground on a reef near the Talele Island nature reserve in Papua New Guinea.  According to the reports, the authorities mentioned that the grounding caused a breach in the hull and the possibility of a spill just meters away from a sensitive natural area.

“The ship has a hole in it, so it will take, they are talking with the company to get the ship off the reef, so it will take some time for the company to remove the wreck from the reef,” said Wilson Matava, the chair of the East New Britain Provincial Disaster Committee.

All the 60 people on board, including 12 crew members were rescued 10 hours later, having to walk over the reef to reach the rescue boat.  The Shipping Company have refunded the passengers and offered to relocate them.

The National Maritime Safety Authorities are investigating to find the cause of the incident.

Disclaimer: This video is intended for educational purpose only and not to be construed as a news article.

Source: Radio New Zealand


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