[Watch] Six Cruise Ships Tied Up at the Port’s Docks


Watch the Port Canaveral was jammed with both spectators and cruise ship passengers as, for the first time ever, six cruise ships tied up at the port’s docks.

Cruise Ship Stats 

Cruise Ship Decks  PassengersMagic weighs  Feet longTerminal
Disney Magic11 decks 2,700 passengers84,000 tons984 feet longTerminal 8
Carnival Liberty 13 decks2,974 passengers110,000 tons952 feet longTerminal 10
Carnival Sunshine12 decks2,642 passengers102,853 tons893 feet longTerminal 6
Royal Caribbean Freedom 12 decks3,634 passengers154,407 tons1,112 feet longTerminal 1
Royal Caribbean Grandeur11 decks 2,446 passengers74,000 tons915 feet longTerminal 5
Royal Caribbean Quantum18 decks4,905 passengers168,600 tons1,139 feet longTerminal 3

Source: SpaceCoastDaily on YouTube