Oil Spill From the Grounded Bulker Off Mauritius



On June 19, the Environment Minister Alain Wong, reportedly was dissatisfied with reports about salvage plan, personally took a dive to film under the hull of the grounded vessel Benita.  He hopes the video will allow experts to shed light on the sinking of MV Benita.

Wong is an honorary member of the Mauritius Scuba Diving Association and the first and only person to complete the 108 nm round Mauritius open sea swimming marathon.

To avoid an oil spill in the lagoon, the authorities have installed a buoy dam, called “sorbent booms” that extends over a kilometer of the vessel at sea.  A crisis cell has been established in order to follow evolution of the situation in Le Bouchon.

Refloat plan has been put in place and at least one salvage tug and few of its team members are already on the job, reports say.

The job of removing 145 tons of fuel oil is expected to start from tuesday and is expected to continue for five more days to complete.

To watch video, please click here

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Source: l’express