Oil Spills: A Major Threat to Marine Life


  • Bringing up the major oil spills across the decade.
  • Effects of the oil spills on the ecosystem.
  • Restoration of areas impacted by the oil spills.

 A list of the most severe spills in recent decades by the Nation World news desk.

 Ship in Gibraltar

Bulk carrier os 35 It’s half sunken in front of Gibraltar, after colliding with the second ship, Adam LNG when the first ship was exiting the bay. Moments later, the ship began to leak hydraulic fluid, so it was decided to install a safety barrier which soon broke.

Petrolero Torre Canyon

In 1967 about 119,000 tons of oil reached the sea due to the sinking of the Torrey Canyon Ship in Scilly Island (United Kingdom), in the English Channel. Cornwall’s bay and inlet were submerged in a deadly substance that destroyed everything in its path. Pollution spread on a large scale 18-kilometre slick along the French and British coasts the fishing industry was Completely ruined. And the name of this tanker remains a symbol of destruction. 

Exxon Valdez

24 March 1989 ‘Exxon Valdez’, an oil tanker named in honour of the American company and the port from which it was operated, spilt 41 million litres of crude, out of a huge ship stuck in The waters of the Pacific Ocean covering an area of ​​250 square kilometres. It sprouted, making it The greatest ecological disaster in American history.

Aegean Sea

It was the year 1992 when a Greek ship with 80,000 tons of oil was stuck In A Corus. The ship split in two and there was a huge explosion. The tanker broke in two, due to the strong waves in the area.


The Prestige spill is humanity’s third costliest accident. An authentic environmental disaster that caused the accident of the Prestige oil tanker off the Galician coast. It was sailing near the Galician coast and after being removed by the decision of the authorities, it broke in two and sank, causing An unprecedented oil slick that hit more than 1,700 kilometres of coastline from Portugal to France,

Hebei spirit

In 2010 Hong Kong oil tanker Hebei Spirit collided with a South Korean cargo ship losing 10,500 tonnes of crude oil during its emergency repairs, The oil slick reached 150 km from the coast.

Plataforma BP

Happened in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010. Was one of the worst disasters in the oil industry’s history. The ‘Deepwater Horizon’ platform blew up after a well broke. It caused irreparable environmental damage.

Norilsk Nickel

Recently, just two years ago, the Arctic experienced another authentic ecological catastrophe: thousands of tons of diesel fuel – about 20,000 – leaked into the water, in the Ambarnaya River, Russia. Causing The most significant environmental impact of the last decades.

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Source: Nation World News Desk


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