OOPS! – Bunker Fuel Spilled At Los Angeles


A Pure Car Carrier(PCC) leaks oil off Los Angeles in the west coast port Yesterday at 7:25 PM.


The 2007 built car carrier left a clear sheen of an unclear amount of oil at berth 198 in the west coast port. Reports say that the leak happened during refueling operation but the actual cause is under investigation.

The company’s fire department officials along with the USCG have placed booms around the 41000 GT vessel in order to contain the spill.

Authorities later determined that during refueling, a process that involves bringing a barge alongside the ship, a hatch on the cargo vessel was not water tight, according to the Coast Guard. The hatch was on the side opposite of the refueling barge, which ceased operations after crew members noticed an oily odor and saw a sheen in the water, said Capt. Jennifer Williams, of the Coast Guard.

Have a look at the video here

Source: NBC Los Angeles


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