[Watch] Oil Leaks From A Car Carrier At Port Of LA


Incident: Oil Spill
Location: Port of LA
Vessel Type: Car carrier
Amount of spill: Not available

A cargo ship spilled oil into the sea during its refueling operations at Port of LA on Sunday. According to US Coast Guard, the spill was reported at about 7.25 p.m, as the fluid leaked from a large car-carrying ship and left a visible sheen in the water.

15,000 feet booms were deployed around the ship, which was tilted to one side to prevent leading, to contain the fluid. Helicopters were used to know the extent of the spill. Also, the details regarding the amount of oil that leaked were not immediately available.

The heavy fuel oil that leaked into the waters requires a long time to clean up. Also, the vessels that came into contact with the spill should require proper clean up.

Check out the video to know about the source and clean up operations at the scene.

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Source: NBC Los Angeles