Optimizing Ship Propulsion Efficiency Through Wärtsilä’s Innovative Solutions


  • Wärtsilä will supply EnergyFlow and EnergyProFin solutions for 10 tankers.
  • These innovations reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and underwater noise.
  • This aims to improve propulsion.

Wärtsilä will supply its EnergoFlow and EnergoProFin solutions for ten tankers owned by Hafnia, enhancing water flow around the propellers to significantly boost propulsion efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This order was placed in October 2023 and aims to improve the vessels’ fuel efficiency, lower operating costs, and enhance their environmental performance, reports Wärtsilä.

Benefits Of The Solution

Ralph Juhl, Hafnia’s EVP and Technical Director, highlighted the benefits of these solutions in supporting their commitment to decarbonization. The installation of Wärtsilä’s innovative systems aligns with their goal of reducing emissions and improving efficiency. Francois Emin from Wärtsilä emphasized how the EnergoProFin propeller cap and EnergoFlow pre-swirl stator work together, leveraging computational fluid dynamics and extensive expertise to achieve significant fuel savings and better environmental performance.


The equipment is expected to be delivered starting in 2024, with the project spanning two years for installation across the ten vessels.

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Source: Wartsila