Petition To Secure Seafarers Condition and Uninterrupted Global Supply Chains


Capt. Andriyan Evtimov, Bulgaria’s Good Will Ambassador to IMO started a global petition “Seafarers Matter”. It is gaining huge support from the seafarers all around the world. 

How many have signed?

More than 6,000 seafarers from different parts of the world have signed the petition. And the number is expected to grow.

About the petition

What is the petition for?

The petition aims to draw the attention of the general public to the problems of the innumerable seafarers. 

Till date many seafarers face problems in leaving or joining ships due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Addresses to

The petition is addressed to :

  • the Member states of IMO and is open for all 
  • the seafarers around the world.

What are the issues and demand stated?

The issues raised and the demands put forward in the petition are as follows:

With respect to the  deteriorating conditions of seafarers stuck on board ships and seafarers currently at home due to crew replacements restrictions, and  also in view of securing uninterruptedness of the global supply chains, the petition says :

Insisting member states of International Maritime Organization and International Labour Organization to:

Key workers

  1. Designate as “key workers” the seafarers and other personnel engaged in the maritime business, which should be done by adoption of new and clear national definitions and rules and procedures duly notified to all national authorities – maritime, immigration, health, and port authorities.

Movement of seafarers

  1. Ensure free access and movement of seafarers to and from the ships, as well as for persons employed in shipping-related activities.

Movement of seafarers

  1. Permit sufficient number of airplane flights related to embarkation and repatriation of seafaring personnel and movement of maritime transport specialists. 

Unified simplified realization plan

  1. International Maritime Organization and the International Labour Organization member-states should develop and implement a unified simplified plan for realization of the above measures as soon as possible. 

Quarantine upon debarkation

  1. Not subject the seafarers to mandatory quarantine upon debarkation from ships where it is possible to promptly make COVID-19 tests and the test results are negative.

To show your support

You can also show your support by signing the petition-

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Source: The Maritime Post


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