Piracy in Malacca Straits Are Bogus


Piracy In Malacca Straits Are Bogus


The Malacca Strait, located between Indonesia and Malaysia, is an important global shipping route for all the vessels that carry oil, finished products, etc.  The Malacca Strait recorded the highest number of pirate attacks in the recent past.

The Indonesian Navy’s investigations revealed that nearly 90 percent of the incidents are done with ulterior motives.

The commander of the Navy’s Western Fleet (Armabar), Rear Admiral Achmad Taufiqoerrochman, said, “The number of criminal cases in the Malacca Strait has declined.  However, we believe there [must be a plot] to make the Malacca Strait the most dangerous strait in the world.”

He also added: “We have caught the masterminds behind several cases.  They are in Batam now.  We have investigated their involvement, and we will coordinate with neighboring countries that are also affected by the cases.”

The reports reveal that the piracies were related to insurance claims and business competitions.  In order to claim insurance compensation, the piracy is voluntarily done.

Taufiq said, “So the cases were not pure crimes, but there was something behind that, something that we should find out.  And we can say that the strait is safe.”

Source: The Jakarta Post